What are the benefits of Shilajit?

One single element providing so many health benefits: Pretty amazing right?

Shilajit is a rock-like substance (a mixture of minerals and plant extracts) found in the high regions of mountains in India, Nepal, Tibet and other areas. It is one of the most popular and potent ingredients used in traditional Ayurvedic medicines. Shilajit is also consumed on its own (generally mixed in a drink) for many health benefits.

How does Shilajit benefit me?

Shilajit benefits are manifolds on your health. Some of the most useful Shilajit benefits are:

  • Energy booster: Shilajit relieves fatigue and boosts energy like nothing else! Regular consumption of Shilajit makes you stronger, and increases your stamina permanently.
  • Anti-aging: Shilajit is packed with fulvic acid which is an excellent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound.
  • Improves male fertility: Shilajit has been used to improve sexual health and fertility in males for centuries. It not only increases the sperm count, but also helps in testosterone secretion, the hormone associated with masculinity.
  • Improves heart health: Studies have proven that Shilajit strengthens the heart, lowers the risk of cardiac diseases, and also lowers the impact of cardiac arrests on users.
  • Improves liver health: Shilajit also effectively destroys cancer cells in the liver and protect against liver cancer.
  • Anti-obesity: Regular consumption of Shilajit also lowers the risk of obesity and related co-morbidities.
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Are there any side-effects of Shilajit?

Shilajit is completely safe and healthy for long-term consumptions. Although it does have a potential side effect of lowering the blood pressure in some cases, it also depends on the quality of the product that you’re using. However, if you already suffer from low blood pressure, hypertension, or other hearth-related problems, it is advised to consult a doctor before starting to take Shilajit.