Shilajithive – The Himalayan Wonder

Shilajithive’s 2X powerful natural Shilajit is the secret ingredient of strength, immunity and vitality.

Boost you up!

Experiencing fatigue and tiredness? Low stamina? Weak immunity? Fertility issues? This is your go-to solution for multiple health problems. Himalayan Shilajit is the most effective natural ingredient that boosts your system from within, increases energy and stamina, and benefits your health in more ways than you could ever imagine. With our Surya Tapi process, it gives 2x more energy.

Power of Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid is the dominant ingredient of pure shilajit. This is the element that’s responsible for the amazing benefits of Shilajit. Fulvic acid improves immunity & makes you less prone to catching illnesses. It makes your heart and liver healthy, fights off cancerous cells in the liver, increases your potency, enhances your stamina & energy, and also improve brain functions.

Harvested Organically

Fulvic acid is naturally found in Shilajit rocks in the pristine mountains of the Himalayas. Harvesting organic and natural Shilajit rich in fulvic acid is not easy and requires years of experience. However, at Nature Alms Organics, we follow an effective and scientific method to collect natural shilajit rocks and turn them into the consumable form following an organic processing method.

Surya Tapi, our special process, makes Shilajit 2X more effective than the normal Shilajit